About Me

I'm Amani, a former IT person. In November 2014, I became a mom to a precious girl with multiple disabilities. I decided to quit my job leaving behind my career and passion, and took my role of being a mom.

Since birth, Mila has been exposed to tons of chemicals, medicines, and x-rays all of which have exposed her to more risks. I have always wanted to switch to natural stuff, that's when I came across Essential Oils. With non-stop research and amazing results, I decided to study in order to help others go green, too. I finished my diplomas in Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies, and got certified in Natural Holistic Essential oils and  Essential Oil Business Diploma.


I so much believe in the power of essential oils for every aspect of our lives; physically, mentally, and spiritually. Add to this the infinite uses of essential oils in daily lives that could help improve quality of living. As for Bach Flower Remedies, they work on the energy layers of our bodies affecting mental & emotional state, and eventually the physical state and personality.

I have read and attended classes about Chakras which helped understand more about the energy and its effect on bodies and minds, and started incorporating this in my blends.


As I love jewelry making, I started designing and making Aroma Jewelry, unique pieces that can carry essential oils when on-the-go. 

My passion for tech hasn't fade away, so I built my website and am the only person doing every single detail here.